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    Find the perfect boiler for your home.

    Need a new boiler? We can help you find the best model and price for a boiler replacement. Our price includes fast and safe installation and removal of your old boiler

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    Our gas safe engineers will complete the job and clean the mess

    About our boilers

    All our packages come with a radiator and heat water unit, everything you need to have a boiler installed!



    Boilers are an essential part of the central heating system. A boiler is a white metal box that is often found in kitchens; however, it can also be found anywhere else inside someone's home, e.g. the garage, garden or any other room.



    A radiator is a heat source and is one of the most effective ways of heating buildings. When the water in a radiator is heated, the surrounding air is warmed up via convection and this hot air is then moved around the room as the air circulates.

    Modernise your home with a new installment

    Modernise your home with a new installment

    Our gas safe engineers will give you a free google nest thermostat once they install your new boiler. This google nest will allow you to remotely control your heating and hot water through the nest app on your phone. Furthermore, it allows you to check your energy history and will send you alerts.

    Our gas safe engineers

    Our gas safe engineers

    No mess, no worries. All our gas safe engineers are helpful gas registered installers. They will complete a safety check and make sure your home is kept nice and tidy.

    Modernise your home with a new installment

    Modernise your home with a new installment

    The cost of a new boiler depends on the type of boiler and the size. A new boiler can be anywhere from £700 to £4000. A like-for-like boiler fitting costs less than you changing from one type of boiler to another.

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