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    January 12, 2022
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    As technology and security become more advanced, unfortunately, so do criminals. Decorating is unquestionably more enjoyable than setting up security measures that'll protect your loved ones.

    Well locked doors

    Locked wooden doors are no longer good enough today. A locked door is not enough to keep a criminal away as they will force their way in if it is not reinforced well. If you have sliding doors, consider applying safety coating to protect it from shattering. Also, place an object in the sliding door track to prevent entry.

    Motion sensing lights

    It is a well-known fact that criminals tend to operate in the dark. Any light is a threat to intruders. Especially motion sensor lights will put a spotlight on anyone scoping out your property. There are several options to keeping your home safe, including solar-powered lights that will keep your home well lit during night hours and shady times.

    Security cameras

    Your new home should have some form of a security system, whether it's a simple DIY system or one that comes with sensors, a hub, cameras, optional professional monitoring and home automation. Suppose you are having a hard time contemplating getting a DIY system or a professional one. In that case, you should consider your neighbourhood crime statistics and then evaluate the measures you need to take.

    Having a dog

    Although a dog is a mans best friend, it is also a loyal defender that keep criminals out. Protectiveness comes from a dog's wolf ancestors and centuries of breeding, which means that dogs instinctively know when a human child needs care. Burglars like to target homes that are easy to access, and a dog can be the first line of defence to deterring theft.

    Eliminate hiding places

    Any areas near your home that can be used as a camping or hiding place should be eliminated. Tree and shrubs give burglars a place to hide so trimming the ones near your home is advised.

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