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    How do air conditioning units work?

    The split system air conditioners are the most popular home systems, Here's why.


    Indoor unit

    Indoor units are usually placed at an elevated level of the room to provide good airflow for the entire room. The whole process is efficient and close to soundless, allowing you to sleep like a baby!


    Outdoor unit

    Outdoor units provide your home with the hot or cold air you yearn for. The outdoor unit contains the condenser coils and compressor, and a fan to blow air across the condenser. These units are fitted on the ground beside the building or the roof.

    Improve the security of your home!

    Improve the security of your home!

    One of the most remarkable benefits of an air conditioner is that your home is much more secure. This is because windows and doors are left open less, you may not want to have an unsecured window or door if you live in an unsafe area. This also keeps away unwanted pests and insects.

    Protect your electronics!

    Protect your electronics!

    Air conditioners serve numerous purposes. One of their most undervalued features is how they keep electronics cool. This is vital as heat and humidity can do serious damage to electronics. The more expensive the tech is the more likely it is to overheat, which could lead to loss of important data.

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